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    February 19th, 2011

    So finally arrived on the airport hamburg and waiting for my flight to London – first time without any explosive control. Maybe it’s to early for such a fun part. Forgot to check-in yesterday so the last row was already full 🙁 – I had to take a seat in the middle of the airplane. Normally I would say the seat is not that save but on an airplane with only 20 rows – we die all together *ggg*. Hmm boarding is already late but the girls from the flight crew are very relaxed so I’m.  Some of the passagers don’t look that relaxed. Think at least half of them are a little bit afraid – maybe I should try my “the engine is on fire” joke ;). Oh no big girl group behind me – feeling like on a chicken farm – on a royal british chicken farm *g*.

    Oh have to quit boarding is starting and I don’t want to stay longer than necessary near this chicks.

    CU in LONDON!

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    Back to Life

    February 11th, 2011

    Hey everybody,

    Sorry for the long time off – had a lot to do concerning work and some let’s say turbulent times concerning private life. So now it’s a little bit different so I try to use the time for some lines.

    THX to Laura, Jade, Melisa and Tam for the great letters/Postcards. Hope to see you soon – I’m very sure I will see at least the first 2 in a few days. That brings me to the next Point – my trip to London!
    I’m not really sure who is coming, where exactly I will stay, what I want to see or even when my flight is going. If my colleges ask me all this I have to say – I have totally no Idea but I don’t care – everything will be fine – people I will meet there are amazing and the city is the best one in whole Europe. So my big masterplan/Outlook tells me: Friday 15.19 leave work by ferry directly to Landungsbrücken and start packing! Maybe I will check my flight data and I’ll try to go early to bed. Next Time I’m awake I should be in Heathrow *g*. First one seeing me gets the first big big hug!!! This is more or less all I can offer ;).

    Last Point – Photography! Last weekend I tried to take some pictures of Hamburg at night. So here is a first impression:

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    Conclusion of my first holidays

    January 3rd, 2011

    I’m a little bit ill and have some problems with sleeping – so I could try it harder or use the time for some thoughts.

    • Mission “Letter Strike Back” was completed 100% analog. I’m very proud of myself – analog life would be possible but not favored.
    • I was climbing with one of my oldest friends in Mannheim. It’s exciting to see that a friendship can have breaks of a year or more and if you see the person it’s like in former times. Had a lot of fun, my climbing was not too bad but I should do more sports. Badminton rackets are now in Hamburg and next task is to find a club.
    • First Lan/New Year Party with a child was interesting… => I’m happy to have a little bit more time without such a responsibility and that I’m able to enjoy life…
    • I did my first job as the best man of Tobi. We bought a wedding suit – ok it’s a normal suit because Tobi (and I) is/are not the type for such gay suits ;).
    • One week holidays – with lots of hours in my car – which cost me some nerves – with lots of old friends – with lots of smiling – without time to rest… are over ;).

    In a few hours normal life is waiting for me. I’ll have a lot of work in Jan to do but time is going faster if you don’t have too much free time and so my trip to Jade (and of course Laura, Alfi, Chris?,…=???) is not that far away…

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    Film Tip for all Globetrotters

    January 1st, 2011

    I saw this week the travel documentary “A Map for Saturday” after I got a tip in a forum. The movie reveals the world of solo long-term travelling. A guy from New York with a job as a sports journalist decided after 3 years in his job to quit and travel the world. During his trip he interviewed some people and documented the typical backpacker style. I can’t tell too much – but in my opinion a “must see movie” for all people how have wanderlust and love the backpacker style…

    So try your very best to see the movie and let me know your opinion! I had a big big smile on my face while watching the film and I was dreaming about the upcoming big adventure…

    Homepage: http://www.amapforsaturday.com/
    Trailer: Trailer on YouTube
    Blog: http://fiftyweeks.blogspot.com/

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    Happy New Year

    December 31st, 2010

    Hey everbody,

    Lan-Party is over – New Year Party will start in a few minutes. Grill is warming up, meat is allready prepared and I had a hot shower ;). So see you next year – e.g. in London :)…



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    Merry Christmas

    December 24th, 2010

    160km/h -  220 I have to time for photos...Merry Christmas to everybody!

    After a very cool drift on the Airbus parking space, some interesting stunts on the Autobahn, and finally with 220km/h (137mph) I arrived yesterday evening in Mannheim. Normally the winter in the south is harder but in the moment it’s like summer here. Not really much snow, it’s more than 0 degree by day and almost no wind. Unfortunately, there is also no sun here so I wasn’t outside today.

    In order that I didn’t get bored – I remembered all the fantastic Christmas cards from you guys. Normally I don’t do such things but I had the feeling I should react… I decided to strike back as hard as possible – I took a pen, some prepared cards and… I wrote BACK – BY HAND – WITHOUT ANY COMPUTER – NO E-MAIL – nothing digital – not even by buying anything online. Mission is almost completed – only the stamps are missing. But I have totally no Idea how much a letter or a card is to Canada, USA, Denmark, England… or even Germany. So I promise I’ll go to the post office next week and I’ll finish the job!!!  I hope you can read my terrible hand writing and of course my English and for one person my even worse German.

    Hope I will write another Post before New Year – last 3 weeks I didn’t have too much time for such things – it was very very busy at Airbus and my college had holidays.  So more time for even more photography is definitely one of my New Year’s resolutions.

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    End-of-Year Review

    December 12th, 2010

    I’m watching an End-of-Year Review on TV, causing a flood of memories in my mind. Thomas Gottschalk asked the question if it was the best, a normal or even the worst year of everybody’s life. So to answer the question you have to think about the year 2010. What happened in my life?

    • Caro and I finally made it – Dipl. Ing. AER
    • Of cause my Africa trip with hundreds of unforgettable memories and what I never expected a couple of new friends. Love you all!
    • My two best friends decided to marry each other and I’ll be the best man of Tobi! I’m very very happy about this, even if I was a little bit shocked in the first moment.
    • I decided to do a round-the-world trip – it will be biggest project after my studies…
    • Found a job (hmm job found me). What nobody beliefed – my first job is in the management department and I have to wear a suit from time to time.
    • Caro found also a job – in the space business. I think I was more glad in this moment than in the moment I got my acceptance.
    • A lot of parties in the last weeks, lot of funny moments, some stress at work… But overall life is good!

    So as a conclusion I have to say that 2010 was at least one of the best years I ever had but I’m looking forward for 2011! I heard that there will be a big marriage, a trip to London, maybe a trip into the Alps, lot of work on Airbus and I’m very sure there will be much more.

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    Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll

    November 28th, 2010

    Hui… this was an amazing Friday evening/night. The plan was totally harmless. 5 Airbus colleges and I would have one or two beer somewhere in St. Pauli. Starting with the number of person – out of 6 left only 3. 

    But let’s come to the more interesting Stories. As I mentioned in the headline the evening began with little doze of sex. Not the prostitutes were responsible for this – it was the Christmas Market. Like everything else in St. Pauli, also the X-Mas Market is a little bit different. Instead of wooden nativity manger, Christmas trees and mulled wine you can get wooden dildos, sexy underwear and a lot of mulled trees. Life sex shows and strippers may also not be missing. I’m not sure if this is the right place to get my Christmas presents but it’s a nice variety in contrast to the other ones.

    After checking this point we continued with drugs. Like I said before, to start an evening on St. Pauli you have to drink a Mexikaner. My favorit place for this is the bar “Lucky Star” on the Hamburger Berg. A few minutes after we arrived in this bar a Kiez Tour (A tourist Tour through St. Pauli) came in and ordered at least 30 “Ampeln” (Traffic lights). This consists of 3 shots, the green one taste like gummy bears, the yellow one like banana and the red one is a Mexikaner (Tomato, chili, pepper taste). Titten Sußy, the guide make a St. Pauli special toast:

    Zur Mitte (To the middle)
    Zur Titte (To the breast)
    Zum Sack (To the balls??)
    ZACK, ZACK! (…)

    And some of the people drank their shots. Problem  – not all of them. So we get a lot of invitations to drink them with the people. I think we had at least 10 each and predrinking was cheaply finished ;). After a few minutes we felt shot after shot getting in our blood stream. After a kebab we thought we would be strong enough for the next step.

    Irish Pub on one of the most famous sights next to the Reeperbahn. What do you think we found there? Come on think harder – it isn’t that hard… Yes a group of drunk Britts. I bet that at leat one of them would be in boxers into the next 60min. 10 min later we saw much more than only the boxers. What is it with you guys? Why love all British man to get naked. Matt my camera has still some evidences… So after a while there were enough naked guys on the table – time to change…

    Last point of our list – Rock’n’Roll. Good thing on the Reeperbahn – there is a bar playing each kind of music. First Mission one of my colleges has his birthday and only 10min to organize something. First Idea – ask the DJ for a birthday song… no success. Next trial – ask all the sexy girls on the dance floor… Succeed… DJ still not cooperative so we had to sing a little bit louder. BIG THX to all the unknown girls… Later they told me that most of them are together… so I organized the biggest lesbian choir ever ;). No not you Melissa I organized other lesbian *ggg*. Did I mentioned that a touched artificial tits of a guy to compare with natural ones. The lesbian girls were also interested and our conclusion was – close but still not the same…

    Think this was the most interesting things from Friday – Saturday was also very nice but would take too much time to mention this too. I was in bed at 6.30AM after visiting the fish market – couldn’t be that bad ;).

    So had the Sunday for relaxing – next week I will go to a concert, playing Santa Clause on our Airbus Christmas Party and I’m sure there will be much more.

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    Hamburg the Party Zone…

    November 22nd, 2010

    as promised my new post is about… PARTYs in Hamburg. I’m working on checking out all locations on the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. For all which are totally ignorant – meaning not German *ggg* the Reeperbahn is known for the red light district. On the other hand it is the area to have fun. Hundreds of small bar/clubs/discos make sure that everybody gets home totally drunk ;). What is very special here which I think you won’t find anywhere else is the special flair. You have 10.000 criminal acts on 1000 inhabitants.

    As you probably know much better than me – normally Germans are known for been punctual, being exact and for all our rolls. In this district all these goodnesses are abolished. Nobody cares about Smoking, normally prohibited in Bars/Clubs…, prostitution is as usual as selling alcohol in plastic cubs – glass is not allowed after 10 pm. I’m not really sure why I love this so much – maybe because it’s so different from my normal life. I was in clubs which are not bigger than 20m² with at least 100 other people. Big benefit in such a location – if you don’t know how to dance to the music – there are so many people around and very very close to you – you have to do the same movements. It’s also not really important if you come alone or with 20 friends – after a few minutes you don’t know anybody around you and your dancing partners are everything between a 40 year old gay and a 18 year old girl which look even more slutty than the professionals waiting for you on the exits. So the only thing you know in front of a party night on the Reeperbahn, something very strange will happen.

    Could be a gay flirting with you and you get his very very gay hat on in the middle of the dance floor – maybe you end in Karaoke bar ran by some Thaïs which are so small that they operate between the legs of the dancing people 😉 – and yes all of you are tiny ;).
    Of course there are special rituals you have to do if you’re here. I would say the most known is drinking a “Mexican”. It’s a mixture of Tomato juice, Korn (Jägermeister), Tabasco and pepper. Taste a bit like tortilla chips but not like alcohol. There is one very special bar to start the night with this shot. Cost you 50cent and 5min and you are ready for more. Problem – it is so cheap that you have to drink often more than one. Other bars have also very special shots like Schlumpfwichse (smurf cum) *g* and no I don’t want to know what this is in detail ;).

    Also the mixture of the people is often very interesting – in my case Airbus Engineer goes out with an accountant, insurance workers, interns… and I’m sure at the end of the evening I was talking to somebody who have a job I never heard before ;). Maybe not talking – more or less shouting is the most familiar communication system ;).

    So I hope all of you are ready to visit me on a weekend – I promise a fun night on the reeperbahn – ending with a fish bun on the fish market Sunday morning and after a 5min walk to my flat an accommodation. So also for the one of you who has to vomit if she has to be drunk in a car – its only 5min by foot. I won’t mention any names 😉 – *hug*

    So now I have to go to bed… normal life is waiting for me until the next weekend…

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    1600km in 3days

    November 16th, 2010

    Yea lot’s of driving during the weekend… Went back to Stuttgart… Like in my memories Stuttgart sill has much better weather (over 20°C), better food but nobody speaks German ;). Back to the north the weather is shitty and cold, food is ähhh let’s say okey but the people speak German. Conclusion: Life is hard but unfair…

    The point I’m looking forward to is still my trip to London. It looks like Chris is also joining our small reunion. Chris, it would be awesome so party again together *g*. I will land in Heathrow at SA morning – so maybe somebody can catch me up at the airport. I’ve no good memories of this airport. I promise – I’ll try to do no more jokes than necessary – in Hamburg Airport, in the airplane and especially in Heathrow. So if I survive these 2-3 hours without fun I definitely need a BIG hug.

    Had also a strange experience during my drive. Waka Waka – This is Time for Africa – isn’t that good in a car with a 7.1 sound system as in Africa in a club with totally shitty boxes and my family. So I’m curious how it will be in London…

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