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  • February 19th, 2011

    Ready for take-off

    So finally arrived on the airport hamburg and waiting for my flight to London – first time without any explosive control. Maybe it’s to early for such a fun part. Forgot to check-in yesterday so the last row was already full 🙁 – I had to take a seat in the middle of the airplane. Normally I would say the seat is not that save but on an airplane with only 20 rows – we die all together *ggg*. Hmm boarding is already late but the girls from the flight crew are very relaxed so I’m.  Some of the passagers don’t look that relaxed. Think at least half of them are a little bit afraid – maybe I should try my “the engine is on fire” joke ;). Oh no big girl group behind me – feeling like on a chicken farm – on a royal british chicken farm *g*.

    Oh have to quit boarding is starting and I don’t want to stay longer than necessary near this chicks.

    CU in LONDON!

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    1. February 19th, 2011

      kueken Says :

      bist du denn auch gut angekommen? Wahrscheinlich schon und hast jetzt alle Hände voll zu tun^^

      Viel Spaß 🙂

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