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    September 29th, 2010

    First business trip is in the loop. I have to get up at 4.00AM to get my flight to Toulouse. I hope I will not fall into sleep in one of the workshops or even worse in the evening Program. I heard something about bowling which would be the third time since I started working *g*.  Back flight is on FR over Amsterdam – meaning one more landing and start. Chris, Graeme, Caro where are you – I’ll first in the red light district. Oh that’s a good hint… the picture on the left in showing a sign which you can find all over metro station here. For the foreigners – it remembers you that there are no weapons allowed and that it is not permitted to have a glass bottle on the streets at FR, SA, SO and holidays. If you buy one of these you get an plastic cup to decant. I love St. Pauli 🙂

    Oh the newest family member (the lens) is back from the hospital and the first fast test shots are nice and sharp. Have to test it on SO a bit more so please cross fingers for good weather. So I have to go to bed – I should be awake to make some nice jokes in the airplane.

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    New Toy

    September 25th, 2010

    Another week in Hamburg is over and a new member for my camera bag arrived. Problem – it is not 100% healthy or for the experts I think it has a front focus. Si next Monday before work i have to carry it to the camera doc to fix this little problem. Nevertheless, it is possible to make pictures with the lens. Small example here – I hope there will be a little bit sun the next weeks.
    Work getting still better and better and yes for me is more and more stress = more and more fun. At Wednesday I should see an airplane from inside – first time after Africa. I will have a business trip to Toulouse for three day to meet the whole transnational team. The most of the people should be in my age so I’m hoping for a lot of fun 😉 – if not I have to make one of my airplane jokes on the return flight *ggg*. I will let you know which one.


    St. Pauli vs HSV

    September 19th, 2010

    Today was the big football match between FC St. Pauli and HSV – both teams from Hamburg. The stadium not far from my flat and I forgot to buy some food yesterday. So the easiest solution – I ordered online a Pizza. After 1,5h hours waiting without Pizza but a lot of football fans in front of my windows which tried to kill one another I called the pizza service. Problem was – the area was closed by the police and it was not possible to deliver anything… Year, I went down and had a Burrito in the restaurant in my house. First time that I was in closed district. Maybe not my day, tried also to order a new lense but right now I’m not realy sure if I managed it or not. So waiting for an answer of the shop.

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    Hamburg – First Impressions

    September 17th, 2010

    First Month in Hamburg is over and I’m still here 😉 – so can’t be too bad. No seriously Hamburg is great, maybe Hamburg is overall the best City in Germany. Don’t get me wrong I miss my friend in Stuttgart, I love Munich for the flair and the people in Berlin are great but overall Hamburg have a very good mixture. The only thing I will never get used to: THE FUCKING WEATHER. Think we had today 15 times rain, at least 5 times horizontal.

    Work getting better and better every day – meaning more and more stress, meetings and MSOffice. Won yesterday the bowling team price and was on the 3rd place in the single tournament – Got some chocolate and a small Airbus ball which I can use to hit my colleges now ;). What sucks is that I have still no Laptop, Username and Batch to enter the Airbus area. So I’m still a visitor on a student PC with an account of a college.

    Last point for today is my lovely photography. After I sold at least 70% of my stuff I miss something not all but still something. So I will change the situation and buy a new Tele lense. Canon was nice and comes up with a brand new 70-200 2.8 L IS II which is much better than my old Hansy. So please think of a new name and I’m looking for a good one and a good price ;). Meanwhile, I made some pictures with my wide angle.


    Big Africa Picture Gallery

    September 12th, 2010

    Here are some more pictures from Africa…


    New Japan fotobook

    September 12th, 2010

    Remastered fotobook about my trip to Japan.

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