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    May 26th, 2013

    Little Photoshop trick:


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    CU (soon?) Asia

    May 12th, 2013

    Last night in Asia :(. Don’t know what makes this continent so special for me but I’m sure it’s a love-hate relationship. Day started with a slurping obese Chinese at my breakfast table, continued with old man behind my seat at the fairy to Macau who made noises I never heard before and until 12AM I had already a Chinese family shoot with group pictures, couple and portrait shots… but still smiling.

    So for the last full day my destination was Macau. Takes me a 60min fairy ride and again I experienced another Asia. Architecture is here old Spanish/Portuguese and new Hong Kong Style mixed. More mainland Chinese tourists and almost no western people => everybody was again staring at me. Pictures will follow the next days… Just looked again in my mobile and picked some:


    Hope she will bring me back save – got again seat in the upper deck!


    The reason for my travel to Hong Kong. It was a very interesting conference with lot’s of amazing presentations, people and meetings. Hopefully not the last time…


    As already mentioned – a sign for everything…


    Katsu-don Tokyo Style. Ahhh I missed it so much. I had this food at least 5 times a week at Tokyo.


    5 little girls asked me today if I’ll come back? So I have to say CU Hong Kong – maybe with somebody who can take a better picture of me?

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    No Sunset

    May 11th, 2013

    Yea there was no sunset until the End. Tomorrow I will go to Macau and MO is my flight back but overall weather was let’s say okey. So I updated again the gallery (look at page 2) and one special picture 😉


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    Hell of a walk…

    May 11th, 2013


    after I was yesterday on the Peak by cable car I thought it would be a good Idea to do so today by foot. 552 meter above sea level didn’t sound too hart so I started on sea level at the Center Station. The weather forecast said 26 degree and rainy. The bitter truth was displayed at the peak station: 36 degree and 92% humidity. Moreover I wanted to add that I was again completely wet, but this time the water comes not from the outside…


    After a nice cold shower I will give the sunset a very last chance to show up. Until now no sunsets at all. The air is so dusty, smoggy and/or foggy that the sun disappears far before sunset…

    Read you later

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    It’s not the End, it’s the beginning…

    May 10th, 2013


    Conference is over :(, but not my stay in Hong Kong :). Just finished this morning my last meetings and moved again to the city center. This time on Hong Kong Island. Weather was again rainy so that I was able to do some refinishing work until I started another night trip. Here you can see some of the first quick results. I have to mention, that even my underwear was wet!



    And a refreshment of the gallery:

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    May 8th, 2013


    Conference is going well so before the next long day gets started I have another Panorama for you…



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    Visit Buddha in heaven

    May 6th, 2013


    moved from the city center to the airport in my conference hotel. Until know the difference is bigger room but no WiFi included and no breakfast. So if you upgrade from 3 to 5 stars you get less at the End. Have to talk with AMEX – no internet => NOT COOL. Anyway – until evening the day was free so I visited the biggest Buddha Statue on Earth and it was over/in the clouds/heaven *g*.


    (look at the T-Shit @my Airbus colleges)

    After I went up by cable car I decided to skip my roundtrip ticket and have a walk. Have to say even I was totally wet at the end it was a very good decision. If you are used to 30° and 90% humidity the hike was amazing. Really nice landscape, incredible view on the airport (not the buddha, he was over the clouds *g*) and a good hiking way. See/click the panorama:


    At the end I finally made it down and had an exclusive Airbus shuttle service back to the hotel. I think it is a new Version of the A380 because it has an upper deck *ggg*


    Oh, updated the gallery as well:

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    No Sand Drawing

    May 5th, 2013


    like yesterday mentioned, people here need a hint for everything. So sometimes it’s quite funny what signs you can find:


    I had to smile a little bit, seeing this one. Second full day in Hongkong and still BAD weather. Okey it isn’t that bad but for taking pictures it is f… s…. So everything I can provide are some detail shots – nothing with sky…. Apart from that I’m walking around, taking photos with strangers (new country today: Argentina), eating missed food (Deep fried pork with curry and rice and again Curry Udon) and visiting 1.000.000 shopping malls. Everything here is a shopping mall. You go to train station and it is a mall. You visit the highest Hotel on the planet and you enter first a MALL. You want to see some local art and you end up in a… yea what could it be??? No not a garden… a MALL. So I guess at least 90% of the people here work in malls. So some of the thinks a had to make a picture (with my mobile) from and afterwards some real pictures…

    me in front of Hongkong Skyline. Sorry for the bad light but think my body proof that’s me…

    Ahhh I missed this kind of food. Funny little story… I had to help 2 japanese grandmothers how to order in a self-service restaurant. Believe it or not but my japanese was better than their Chinese/English *ggg*.

    people here got crazy about this little rubber duck in harbor. Wasn’t that easy to pass my way through.

    think you all know this lady – bud probably not made of old toasts…

    And here the real first pictures:

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    Back to basics ääähhh Asia

    May 4th, 2013

    hey guys,

    think most of you already mentioned it I’m back to asia – but only for a view days. This time new country – Hongkong. First thought after entering the country: Why is this fu.king officer giving me an extra paper with the entrance stamp? I want this stamp in my passport… I think is is a special service like in israel but who hates Hongkong???

    But anyway, new city means also new public transportation prepaid card. In this case it is named Octopus Card. As far as I can tell, it is much cheaper than Tokyo. But most of the other thinks are similar to Japan:

    • Girls are a little bit more used to western guys but it take 1h and I was asked if it is possible to get a picture with me… So there are 3 Japanese Girls, 4 Chinese Families, 1 Malaysian Couple and 2 Girls from Singapore which have at least one picture of me ;). I will never understand this…
    • Sushi to go everywhere
    • 7 Eleven next to the Sushi restaurants
    • Wending machines even on the grave yard…
    • houses are high and ugly
    • everywhere you get a warning… please mind the gap, watch your head, ground could be slippery…

    So if everything is similar to Japan I have to go for Asia’s best meal:


    Curry udon… with a


    but both costs here less than the half of the price I payed in Tokyo. I’m still looking for my favored Chips but until now without success. So I think even with my Jet-lag  I should try to sleep. So I will End with a first “real” picture of Hongkong…


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    Für den Hamburger Bingo-Club

    April 16th, 2013

    Anmeldung zum Bingo-Club ist nun aus terminlichen Gründen geschlossen.

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