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  • May 12th, 2013

    CU (soon?) Asia

    Last night in Asia :(. Don’t know what makes this continent so special for me but I’m sure it’s a love-hate relationship. Day started with a slurping obese Chinese at my breakfast table, continued with old man behind my seat at the fairy to Macau who made noises I never heard before and until 12AM I had already a Chinese family shoot with group pictures, couple and portrait shots… but still smiling.

    So for the last full day my destination was Macau. Takes me a 60min fairy ride and again I experienced another Asia. Architecture is here old Spanish/Portuguese and new Hong Kong Style mixed. More mainland Chinese tourists and almost no western people => everybody was again staring at me. Pictures will follow the next days… Just looked again in my mobile and picked some:


    Hope she will bring me back save – got again seat in the upper deck!


    The reason for my travel to Hong Kong. It was a very interesting conference with lot’s of amazing presentations, people and meetings. Hopefully not the last time…


    As already mentioned – a sign for everything…


    Katsu-don Tokyo Style. Ahhh I missed it so much. I had this food at least 5 times a week at Tokyo.


    5 little girls asked me today if I’ll come back? So I have to say CU Hong Kong – maybe with somebody who can take a better picture of me?

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