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  • May 4th, 2013

    Back to basics ääähhh Asia

    hey guys,

    think most of you already mentioned it I’m back to asia – but only for a view days. This time new country – Hongkong. First thought after entering the country: Why is this fu.king officer giving me an extra paper with the entrance stamp? I want this stamp in my passport… I think is is a special service like in israel but who hates Hongkong???

    But anyway, new city means also new public transportation prepaid card. In this case it is named Octopus Card. As far as I can tell, it is much cheaper than Tokyo. But most of the other thinks are similar to Japan:

    • Girls are a little bit more used to western guys but it take 1h and I was asked if it is possible to get a picture with me… So there are 3 Japanese Girls, 4 Chinese Families, 1 Malaysian Couple and 2 Girls from Singapore which have at least one picture of me ;). I will never understand this…
    • Sushi to go everywhere
    • 7 Eleven next to the Sushi restaurants
    • Wending machines even on the grave yard…
    • houses are high and ugly
    • everywhere you get a warning… please mind the gap, watch your head, ground could be slippery…

    So if everything is similar to Japan I have to go for Asia’s best meal:


    Curry udon… with a


    but both costs here less than the half of the price I payed in Tokyo. I’m still looking for my favored Chips but until now without success. So I think even with my Jet-lag  I should try to sleep. So I will End with a first “real” picture of Hongkong…


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