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  • September 11th, 2014

    Welcome in the live of a Monk!

    So finally I find the time to write some lines fort he blog. Tonight no parties, no clubs, no walking around the streets – tonight I’m in a monastery. So at ten the doors are closing so I had time for some night shots and exactly these lines. But due to my lazy times before I have to start at the beginning:



    My very first stop of my trip. I wasn’t the luckiest person cornering the weather but saw all high light like the great wall, the forbidden city,the summer palest, the temple of heaven, the overview park thing which I can’t remember the name and much more…

    Due to a little misunderstanding with a female bus driver and my travel companion Julia I had even a workout. I tried to ask the bus driver if this might be the right bus for a destination but instead of answering me she just closed the door and drove away. Julia remained with a quite shocked face expression at the bus stop *g*. Next stop I god out but when I was back at the first stop Julia was already gone. So I took the save Version the metro. Just when I left the metro station I saw Julia in a bus overtaking me. So I ran after the bus to the next stop but I was a bit late and knocking on the door didn’t attend the bus driver but also not Julia. So I jogged behind the bus that was gone anyway and 3km later I arrived the entrance of the overview point park but no Julia in sight – so I jogged on the little hill to meet probably there and believe it or not I arrived 20sec earlier then she did – but a bit more sweddy… So trying to get lost worked quite well at the 3rd day ;).



    Got their by night train which is definitely an inter cultural experience… I learned that there are a shit chopsticks in the toilet which was at the beginning a 1 (from 10 – 10 is perfect) and it ended with an at least -5. Shanghai itself was great. Love that city already. Visited the financial center, which looks like a big bottle opener, had a small night river cruse, saw some museums and did some shopping (without any success). At the end I took the chance to go clubbing in a very cool club called the Shelter – old underground bunker which is definitely a very cool location for an electro club. So Shanghai could be a city to visit twice.



    Another night train but different strategy! Even if the drive was one hour more I managed to go not to the toilet and the sleeping went also much better. So I think I get used to it ;). Xi’An itself is known for 2 things: The terra cotta army and the city wall => I visited the terra cotta army and I biked on the city wall. That and a lot of rain was Xi’An.



    Next morning, I had a very early flight in a brand new A321 CEO of China Eastern from Xi’An to Chengdu. Another 10mio city which I didn’t knew but here is the best place so see panda bears. Yes, a bit of wild life has to be done as well. So I visited this morning the panda bears then going to the biggest sitting Buddha statue of the world and finally to Mount Eki in the monasty.



    Until now, a lot of traveling but also a lot of new impressions and adventures. One thing is going very well: I’m getting constantly asked for pictures with me. So up to 10 requests a day is quite normal and at least 50 “hidden” shots. Hidden means sometimes that somebody is positing him/herself behind me and I just mention the flash or sometimes I’m getting frontal flashed in the metro. I take it so far with humor and a smile. Hope my trip continues like this and there is much more so see/experience.

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    1. September 11th, 2014

      Uschi Says :

      One of the Pandas looks a bit like me, I think. Don’t they also spend the day eating and sleeping?

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