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  • September 19th, 2014

    1.2.3 China

    Hey Guys,

    Again I found a bit time to write something down. Reason – I’m in another night train. This time I’m going for leaving/not leaving China. It’s so confusing I’m leaving now China via China to go back to China, meaning in terms of Cities I’m going from Guilin to Hong Kong to Beijing. But not too much about the future the past has to be reported – so as just to I sorted it up by the place.


    Mountain Emei

    Last time I wrote it would be Mount Eki, which was totally wrong! It was Mount Emei. At the End I guess you have no Idea where this is anyway ;). We stayed 3 nights with the monks. It was soooooo cool. I enjoyed a lot of nature, hiking, hot springs and silence! Temperature was around 30° and humidity is rising and rising => I’m swedding like hell. Best experience was definitely to hike on the a bit more hidden paths and swing by some temples being without anybody. Our American follower had a bid bad luck. She god be bitten by a monkey and not just a bit. After some waxiness and visits at hospitals she is fine but not the perfect place to get bitten. For me everything went really well. At the end I was a bit too relaxed because I forgot my notebook charger… So this is the main reason why I’m a bit behind. After that nature highlight we were heading to:


    Yangtze Riverboat Cruse

    Yea I’m getting older and it was time to do a riverboat cruse ;). NO I just wanted to see the famous 3 gouaches and from my Point of view it was very nice. Incredible nature even if china flooded almost half of it after they build the big dam. This one dam is producing 5% of Chinas electrical power which is from my point of view amazing. Another thing, which I learned: Do not play Chinese drinking games in your age… More details only for good friends ;). I think the pictures of the river will say more than these lines.



    Another nature highlight. I guess most of you saw already photos of that landscape. Little mountains, quite straight rising with a round top and a river in the front. The River is called Li-River and the near by city/village is Yangshou. I enjoyed a biking and hiking day and 2 more relaxed day. Was quite happy to had my iphone with me, because just because your map is showing one way, it doesn’t mean that there is just one. I got also in a very heavy rain shower. At the end, water was coming out of my shoes when I was walking. But I have to do a small commercial for my F-Stop backpack. I was wet to my underwear even with rain jacked BUT my camera was still dry even without rain cover one. GREAT JOB guys.


    So after all that nature I will go to Hong Kong – yes I know again Hong Kong. This time only 2 days and than my way to Tibet will start from Beijing. I hope that the train is nicer that these night trains because I will be 48h on that one. So I guess I will post that from Hong Kong and I will have last contact for a while in Beijing with you. Afterwards I thing it will get much more “basic”.


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