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  • The more I read and think about this big adventure the more I have the feeling I should have a list. Not a shopping list or even a list of class members – I mean more or less a to-do list – but a very special one.  In the book, I’m actually reading, the author suggests doing at least 4 things a month on a world trip. So I have to find at least 48 crazy actions I`ll have to do on this trip.
    So if you have an Idea plz let me know.


    1. Skydiving in New Zealand! (New Zealand)
    2. Hang gliding in Rio! (Brasilia)
    3. Getting a tattoo at the end of the trip (maybe in Canada with Tam or in the US with Melissa???)! (Canada)
    4. Climbing the matchu pitchu! (Peru)
    5. Seeing the Mae Klong train! (Thailand) DONE
    6. Boat trip on the Li River! (China) DONE
    7. Driving with the Darjeeling train! (India)
    8. Trekking in Nepal in shorts and T-Shirt! (Nepal) DONE
    9. Walking backwards on the Great Wall! (China) DONE
    10. Visiting Lhasa – is a great dream but I’m not shure if it’ll be possible. (China) DONE
    11. Go into the Ganges river in Varanasi! (India)
    12. Experience a sunset on the Taj Mahal! (India)
    13. Sunset in front of angkor wat! (Cambodia) DONE
    14. Survive a landing on the most dangerous airport! (Nepal)
    15. Give Melissa a at least 1min extra mega super HUG! (USA) DONE
    16. I will try to get past of most of my fears:
      • Diving with sharks! (Thailand?)
      • Touch and maybe eat a big spider! (China?) DONE
      • Getting normal! NO THATS DEFINITELY TO MUCH (WOLRD)
    17. Climb a tree in the middle of a jungle! (Ecuador)
    18. Taking at least one picture of me in every country – and another 10.000+ of anything else! Maybe it would be a good idea to take one of me per day as a picture diary??? (World)
    19. Travel New Zealand with my both best friends and talk them into as much as possible crazy stuff! (New Zealand)
    20. Seeing a sunrize next to the Sri-Minakshi-Sundareshwara Tempels! (India)
    21. Swim next to the  Iguazu Falls! (Argentina/Brazil)
    22. Get deep into the Indian culure in Jaipur! (India)
    23. Compare which nose is bigger – mine or the one of the statues on the Easter Islands! You know… the size of the nose gives you an idea of… and Size does matter 😉 (Chile)
    24. Making an airplane joke within the US  (USA) DONE
    25. Find myself! (I’m very serious about this point because I’m not sure if it is possible to accomplish this here in Germany. The only thing I know is that I’m still searching for my identification – sorry for all the people arround me who suffer from this) (World)
    26. Waking up every day with a smile on my face – if this would change I’ll stop my trip! (World)
    27. Visiting Petra by night! (Jordan) DONE!
    28. Climbing the Sigiriya and of cause Sri Pada perfoming all traditions of christians, Muslims and Buddhists! (Sri Lanka)
    29. Doing Ziplining backwards, forwards, head first and in all other positions! (Ecuador)
    30. Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant, I’m just getting LOST! (World)
    31. Coming back to Africa. Maybe not during my World Trip but I’ll come back some day with an even bigger Lens 😉 (Africa)
    32. Visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an! (China) DONE
    33. See at least 3 more deserts (China, Australia, Chile, India…) (One more in China, Morocco, Jordan DONE)
    34. Climb at least one Volcano (Indonesia, China, Chile…)
    35. Gravity assisted mountain-bikeing on the road of death! (Bolivia)
    36. Hiking to the Everest Base Camp! (China) DONE
    37. .
    38. .
    39. .

    My estimated route will be: India => Sri Lanka => India => Bangladesh => India => Nepal => China => Hong-Kong => Thailand => Laos => Vietnam => Cambodia => Australia => New Zeeland => Easter Island => Ecuador => Peru => Bolivia => Chile => Patagonia => Argentina => Paraguay => Brasilia => USA => Canada => check bank account => stay in Canada??? or back to Germany or if some money is left => Afrika

    3 Comments to “List”

    1. October 4th, 2010

      Dr_Flash Says :

      come on I need input

    2. October 26th, 2010

      kueken Says :

      “Maybe it would be a good idea to take one of me per day as a picture diary??? (World)” Totally! Then we could witness how your hair grows and how you get sunburned and all that fun stuff B-)
      It would also be interesting from a scientific point of view. Like growing wiser and if it will show in your face. And yes I know, that “totally” and “like” make me sound like a 15 year old…

    3. November 27th, 2013

      Melissa Says :

      I love your list!!

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