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  • October 12th, 2014

    The Asien Toilet World…


    for those who read my Blogs a bit longer (since Japan) it will be not surprising that I have to write one specific post about Toilets all over the world. Due to the fact, that it is my last day in Bangkok and I’m doing café hopping I thought it’s time for it now.

    I have to start with a big THX @ Airbus. On my way to Bangkok I had that, what nobody wants to experience – a weak stomach during a flight. Air India was not that bad like I expected it but the food was nothing for my stomach. So just after the Lunch my stomach give me a little radio signal that it is time to go to the lavatory and just in that moment the pilot decided to activate the “seatbelt fasten” sign as well. So after a short inner body discussion the decision was clear I have to GO. I got in the aisle, the steward was shaking his head but this couldn’t stop me – I passed him with the words: Believe me it is better for all of us… Finally I god to the toilet but of cause it was locked like always when the “fasten seatbelt” sign is activated. And now my huge Airbus knowledge got finally a useful application – beyond that little steal lavatory sign is the lock/unlock mechanism which I instantly used to unlock the door 🙂 which was a very big surprise for the steward *ggg*.


    (Safety check for hand luggage just in front of the aircraft – imagine this in Frankfurt – it took ages)

    But coming back to the Toilet topics. I experienced some new features which weren’t known by me so far:

    Shit Chopsticks
    At least we named them so… As already mentioned I had the pleasure to experience several Chinese Night Trains. The Toilets startet in a bad condition and got more and more in the direction of disgusting. Of cause they were all squat style and a flush is a luxury item which is not always available. So what to do if you are not able to hit the little hole in the ground and you have to do bigger business. And their it is the wonderful invention of the “Shit Chopsticks” which are there so put everything into the little hole which missed it. *ggg* Too bad that not many people used this glorious item which brings me to my new night train toilet strategy: DON’T GO! which worked by the way fine until the 48h train to Lasa and 5-6l drinking a day…


    Locking Chopsticks:
    Yes there is even more useful things you can do with chopsticks. You probably know all the locking mechanism with the small steal bold which you push into a little hole to lock the door. But what is when this bold disappeared and you have no proxy??? Yes of cause you could use a chopstick:


    Toilet environment:
    If you thing public toilets in Europe are bad – China opens a new level concerning bad. Even if their are even in big cities like Beijing or Shanghai plenty of public toilets, not all houses have an own toilet, cleanness comes not really into vogue. Worst toilet was at a bus stop at the Yangtze river. The toilet walls were probably 60cm high, the Chinese people you were crossing were smiling at you – yes why to close the door if you can have an audience??? – flies all over the place and the smell was so bad that I nearly puked. And the very best – it was not even for free!!! So especially in Tibet I decided to pee at the toilet not in the toilet ;). Sorry I was not able to make a picture of that… Needed my Hand to cover my mouth.

    Boys on the left, girls on the right:
    Yes this principle from Africa I tried to import to Tibet. Worked not really because the girls were a bit more picky – so we decided the girls choose a side and the boys took the other one. Too bad that once one girl decided to go right and the other to go left which leads to little protests from the men *ggg*. Sorry girls but peeing into the bus is not our style.

    No Toilets in public busses – No Problem!
    I had once the pleasure to use a public overland bus. One of these cultural experiences you do not need twice. After some Chinese already decided to through their gnawed bones into the aisle a little boy needed to go toilet. Normally I would expect to alert the driver for a quick stop but why wasting time? Just put a peace of newspaper at the floor and the little boy was shitting straight on this… No wonder, sometimes I had the feeling going to toilet has a social component in that country *ggg*

    Luxus in Bangkok:
    After all that interesting experiences I had a very nice one in Bangkok. In one of the luxury malls I decided to go into a public toilet again and there it was – the “Neorest”. A Japanese style high end high-tech toilet. The toilet lid opened automatically, the UV light unit disinfected the seat again after a spay and wishing unit already done that, the seat was of cause heated, massage and music opens ready for using and toilet shower and air dryer of cause integrated… Damm where was that baby all my trip long???


    So far so good, I guess you got a little impression about the toilet situation in Asia – at least it was with all the people I traveled so far a very donating topic. First person which was going to toilet was always asked: How was it? But after all these disgusting toilets you asked better before you go – otherwise every little stone in nature is a better choice 😉


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