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  • January 29th, 2014

    Classical US Road Trip – Maybe not ;)


    as usual I’m far to late but I own you a small report as well as some pictures. Unusual I will start with the report and some small pictures. I hope I will finish the gallery at the weekend. But let’s start right from the beginning:

    After a small 15h flight from Hamburg over London to Phoenix I made my first credits by completing one of my ToDos from my LIST – making fun with a US security officer. As I thought they do not have to much humor – but at least I was not arrested. My wonderful tour guide, Melissa – I think one or two from you have heard of her, was waiting to pick me up. Due to the fact, that after 30h awake I still looked to good we decided to drive another 5-6h to…:
    A friend of a friend of Melissa had his 30th birthday so PARTY weekend in Vegas was the first stop and I learned a lot:

    • Melissa needs more sleep than I do *g*. First morning 7.00AM after 4h sleep – Melissa was sneaking back from toilet to bed. Sven: “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE – READY FOR VEGAS?” I never saw somebody so disappointed, horrified and hopeless in one moment *gggg*
    • You can have endless discussions about if the dancer is a woman or a man even if SHE had only very little cloth on.
    • Drunk Canadian can come up with really deep thoughts like: “Man, in Canada there is a lot of bush in your face!” – His girlfriend added: “I think he means Canada is very scenic.” *gggg* But at least they had Vodka without any sweet sirup mixed and I’m very happy that I didn’t loose my eyesight!
    • Don’t wonder if you have to introduce yourself 4 times to the same guy during a weekend. It’s not you – it was his blood alcohol. Sven: “Dude, we know from yesterday” Guy: “Really?” Sven: “Yea, from the club?” Guy: “Club?”
    • Blue Man Group has now balls!

    But finally I wasn’t flying X thousand miles for making only party – I wanted to see some nature. So how to enjoy nature until the very end? YEA Camping in the wild. It was freezing cold but the view was incredible and if you think the picture below was taken during sunlight look again on the sky!

    Next day we tried the first time the lottery for “The Wave” – without any success (until the end) but another cool adventure was already planed – the narrows. Hiking through a river within a canyon was something new for me and I have to say it was AWESOME. Melissa jointed two old ladies and I was running ahead to have enough time on the way back for pictures. Packed with my camera equipment I was several times up to my hips in the water but finally everything stayed dry.
    After rescuing all 3 ladies on my way back, we all had dinner together and I was surprised that one of them was just coming back from “Burning Man” and the other come just from Australia. Never met such cool grandmas.

    Day later, weather was changing and we ended up in Bryce Canyon on the far view point with that incredible panoramic view:

    Yea I know, maybe I have to come back – but at the end there is no bad weather for photography just bad motif. THX to the raven for posing so cool:


    Weather had its ups and downs for the next days, sometimes we were very lucky and got some sun, sometimes we were almost stuccoed in a snow storm. Canyonland was one of the more lucky spots – This park is definitely underrated. If you have to choose between Arches and Canyonland go for the last one:

    Due to the weather we had had to wait for the highlight of the tour until the very last day. I heard a lot about that spot and I wasn’t be disappointed. The Antelope Canyons are natural formed slot canyons which can be visited only with a guide. Due to absolute off-season and the bad weather we got a private tour which included 4 canyons and takes us more than 6h. It was definitely the money worth. We saw millions stunning views. As a photographer I could stay for months in these canyons, but it is limited to 2h/canyon/day => so it was very stressful but I think it was worth it. I will make a own gallery only for that but here are some first impressions.

    In the last canyon it was even necessary to climb a but. I had a lot of fun – even if Melissa said afterwards that she felt sorry for the guide that I pushed to hard on him to get to the end *g*. THX for the nice picture Melissa:


    Finally, the road trip was over – still a flight trip and New York to go but I have to finish for today. THX again to Melissa who made this trip unforgettable. We should really work on another African Family reunion trip!!! Once more I experienced: A trip on your own gives you more flexibility but on an overland tour you find friends for life – and at the end it is all about people.

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