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  • May 5th, 2013

    No Sand Drawing


    like yesterday mentioned, people here need a hint for everything. So sometimes it’s quite funny what signs you can find:


    I had to smile a little bit, seeing this one. Second full day in Hongkong and still BAD weather. Okey it isn’t that bad but for taking pictures it is f… s…. So everything I can provide are some detail shots – nothing with sky…. Apart from that I’m walking around, taking photos with strangers (new country today: Argentina), eating missed food (Deep fried pork with curry and rice and again Curry Udon) and visiting 1.000.000 shopping malls. Everything here is a shopping mall. You go to train station and it is a mall. You visit the highest Hotel on the planet and you enter first a MALL. You want to see some local art and you end up in a… yea what could it be??? No not a garden… a MALL. So I guess at least 90% of the people here work in malls. So some of the thinks a had to make a picture (with my mobile) from and afterwards some real pictures…

    me in front of Hongkong Skyline. Sorry for the bad light but think my body proof that’s me…

    Ahhh I missed this kind of food. Funny little story… I had to help 2 japanese grandmothers how to order in a self-service restaurant. Believe it or not but my japanese was better than their Chinese/English *ggg*.

    people here got crazy about this little rubber duck in harbor. Wasn’t that easy to pass my way through.

    think you all know this lady – bud probably not made of old toasts…

    And here the real first pictures:

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