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  • April 15th, 2013

    Same same but different – Istanbul

    Today, I got my first stamp into my passport for 2013. Hopefully, many of them will follow this year. Already during the metro/tram ride some points remembered me to Japan. The trains were totally overloaded and the addiction to disgusting perfume doesn’t make the situation better at all. But, finally my nose and I survived this little journey and after a little search I checked in. Next Point – FOOD!

    I read in my travel guide book something about an original small restaurant near a big shopping street. There was a hint that the restaurant has no big sign and it would be on the 6th floor. So as expected – first time I miss the sign. Second time with GPS support I found this “sign” on a normal bell:


    Yea – found but the elevator wasn’t what I expected…


    Again, I remembered my time in Japan and that a lot of placed looked awful from the outside but awesome from the inside (better this way) and like in Japan the place was amazing. Sorry for the bad picture – only my mobile was available and it was very dark but the place was a mix between Starbucks, a living room, a mountain cabin and a very tiny penthouse flat from a green pace activist.


    Goal for total: Trying to get Lost => achived!

    PS: Thanks for all the Happy birthday wishes – I had a awesome day

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