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  • July 2nd, 2012

    Need your Help!

    Hey everybody,

    yes I cannot sleep and thought I should spend some minutes to update my blog. Puh… I don’t know where to start – so much things happened the last few weeks:

    First of all, I moved in with Verena. I think it was my 11th relocation in my life or the 10th in the last 10years… So this is why I have no furniture at all and nearly all my stuff fits into IKEA boxes ;). Until now, everything works out – no bigger conflicts – no broken dishes… Next step will be the search for a bigger flat, maybe a little bit closer to my work. Movement Nr. 12 here I come ;).

    Second topic is something I have quite a while in my head and now a friend of mine send me an awesome video related to this topic. I’m looking for something funny, unique, remarkable… what I can do in front of all the landmarks, tourist highlights, whatever interesting places on the tour. The link I got is from “Where the   Hell is Matt” and shows Matt dancing around the world. You have to see this movies. He started 2006 by dancing alone in front of well known places and published now 2012 his 3rd video with hundreds of background actors. So if you have something in mind – please let me know…

    so try to sleep again – cu soon there is more to report…

    One Comment to “Need your Help!”

    1. July 3rd, 2012

      kueken Says :

      “and now a friend of mine” and now I feel demoted… but Matt’s really great, isn’t he!

      Another thing I’ve seen is someone, who took a rubber duck everywhere and took a picture of the landmark with the duck in it. Maybe that’s a direction you want to take?

      And just to make it easier on your readers:

      I hope you found some sleep.

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