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  • July 18th, 2011

    Lost in the Hanseatic Triangle

    Hey guys,

    the report of my death was an exaggeration… but I have to confess that I make myself a little bit scarce. Reasons are easy to find:

    WORK:Year, some things are going on in my Job concerning my contract, tasks, surrounding… I cannot go into detail but the whole situation was a pain in the ass – similar to Chris (I will visit you at October MAN). At the moment, there is another quiet face where nobody gets new information and to be honest – I don’t give a shit anymore. => now I’m more relaxed and enjoy airplanes 😉

    Good way to start a weekend is still going to the Reeperbahn and have some fun with friend/colleges. The core Taskforce team consists of 4 guys including myself but gets enlarged by other colleges/friend/girlfriends from time to time. So after almost one year in Hamburg :-0 (what I’m one year here, I have to pack my stuff ;)) – I’m still happy here in north Germany even if I have to adept myself every day anew. Some things which attracted my attention:

    • I’m not running anymore if it is raining…
    • I thought last week – where is the wind?…
    • I’m pretty  sure that I’ll buy a mountain bike… So climbing gets replaced by bicycling but still with mountain 😉
    • I’m getting used to navy terms like “steuerbord, backbord…”

    On the other hand, some things/behavior  are still the same:

    • I’m still greeting people with “servus”!!! (south german expression for hello and goodbye in one word)
    • I’m still loving my south german food and hate this fucking sea food.
    • I’m still FC Bayern München Fan/Member even if a little part of my heart beats for St. Pauli but only a very little one.
    • I’m keeping a little bit of my southern dialect… Kaddong, Bürrooo, heb mal,…


    But I also remember the amazing times in Africa and get a little bit sentimental when I got this Savanna Cider last week in a bar. I know that I got my first of these in Malawi  – the same day I lost my glasses in the sea… Caro ordered me a cider (never heard of this before) and 4 cider later Caro, the danish girls, Graeme and I ended up in one hammock *g*. Next day this sweet little girl tried to grab my thumb – failed and take my pinky :). Same girl gave me my bracelet which I wear since this day… Ahhh I still miss Africa…

    Last but not least I had some bad news within my family – my grandpa diet at an incredible age of 90 years. He was always one of my role models in life… The funeral was very cool – I think he was pleased. I’m very sure that I’ll miss him but I hope I can absorb as much characteristics of him as possible. In the timeframe we experienced together, he gets more and more interested in natural science, he and his wife started to discover the world, he gave me always guidance in difficult situations and he supported always my lifestyle (t-shirt instead of suite ;), ending my school whatever the cost, moving to japan “not because it is easy but because it is hard”, even my trip to africa…). So thank you for everything I’m trying to make you proud as usual…

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