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  • June 3rd, 2011

    Just married…

    hey everybody,

    marriage is over, lost one tooth and now I have some time for the blog. What can I say about the wedding? It was a stressful week with a lot of planing, organizing, trailing but also smiling, laughing and being happy. So at the end I’m happy that everything is done, think I wasn’t the worse link man/best man for the day AND I wasn’t the photographer! Nevertheless, I took some pictures – until now I can only show some without there faces – after their honeymoon I’ll ask for permission to show some more:

    year – what else happened? I lost one of my tooth. My dentist wasn’t really happy  with one of my wisdom tooth so we decided to pull it out. Today – 2 days afterwards I’m feeling – lets say ok but I can’t really suggest this treatment. Like every  time, my teeth are a little bit stronger which causes a lot of trouble. But now it’s done and there is one source of trouble less for my world trip.

    Oh – my stomach request some food – so see you guys – maybe in real life if melissa is coming to germany…

    3 Comments to “Just married…”

    1. June 10th, 2011

      t0di Says :

      Nice pictures, but that is no suprise with a good looking couple like this 😉
      I especially like the colors in the first one. Are they natural or tweaked?

    2. June 10th, 2011

      t0di Says :

      Ah, by the way, I hope you meant “wedding is over”, not “marriage is over”, because this would mean we would go in divorce, which I hope will never happen.


    3. June 13th, 2011

      Dr_Flash Says :

      all colors are natural but the background in the upper left corner isn’t. There were some boxes and your sofa…

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