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  • May 17th, 2011

    Stupidity of the people…

    ach… still not tiered but I was reading another dump article on “”mirror”.de” ;). What’s wrong with our world. Press is writing total bull shit and everybody with an IQ lower than room temperature in °C not °F 😉 come out of there caves to demonstrate against something they do not even understand. Had some funny discussions the last weeks about nuclear power, green energy and electro cars. I can bear if sales assistant of my bakery don’t get the facts but how can our canceler Angy Merkel tell everybody 10% can drive with electro cars within 5 years. I expected much more from somebody with a diploma in physics. So my fact for these topics are:

    1. If the people 50years ago would know about the catastrophic events in Tchernobyl and Fukushima and decided to burn more coal instead of building nuclear power plants I think our weather would be much more annoying like it is already today. Let’s calculate the dead – even if this is more than sick – Nuclear Power Plants: let’s be noble 50.000 dead people vs 200.000 only caused by Zyklon Nargis…
    2. Photovoltaic isn’t a green energy. So plz smart press don’t tell anybody they should buy this shit to save our planet. Production of this stuff costs more energy than they can produce before they die. => burning money is even more green!
    3. 8.000.000 Electro Cars only in germany within the next 5 years… Sounds great but how can we save the energy… hmm let me think about this… a Li batteries like in the cars I see in the commercials – oh there isn’t enough Li on earth for this and maybe somebody else than germany want to have some too 😉 and NO there is no way to produce Li artificial. Okey maybe we can use H in a fuel cell. Some problems with the containment and the fuel cells die very fast but could be an option – little problem H is not growing on trees so you have to produce it which costs you… right energy. So I can take coal burn it, produce H which I can carry around in very heavy tanks and have always some fear of explosions and burn this H in my car or I drive with petrol which produce over all less CO2. => so if everybody would use fuel cells our press could tell us normal engine are much more green!

    So let me end with a I’m against nuclear power button!

    And a Link for our smart reporters: http://www.darwinawards.com/

    Charles Darwin commemorates those who assist natural selection by removing themselves from the gene pool…Darwin Awards are given to honor those who do their best to ensure that the next generation is smarter–by one. These heroes sacrifice their very lives to give our children a better future…” (Darwin Awards Site)

    One Comment to “Stupidity of the people…”

    1. June 10th, 2011

      t0di Says :

      I’m with you on the electric car thing. But as far as I know (and at least Wiki says I am right :-)) the standard-solar-panels today probably can produce more energy in their liftime, than it is needed to produce them. I think its around 5 years (the older ones, 10 years ago, needed something between 10-15 as far as I remember) today. The big question is, how long do these things realy live? The manufacturers say 20-30 years, but I think this is top, what is the average? How often are the destroyed by bad weather? And even if they survive 20 years, is the efficiency at the end as high as at the beginning? Most technologys loose efficiency over time in my experience.
      And another point: I’m not sure how it is today, but a few years ago, these panels were realy poisonous. They were declared hazardous waste. That means, even if the energy is green, the technology itself is not realy.

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