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  • May 12th, 2011

    Happy Birthday Hamburg Harbor

    Hey everybody,

    last weekend we had a special celebration here in Hamburg – the Hamburg Harbor birthday. I guess not everybody knows that Hamburg was part of a very powerful union called the Hanse (Hanseatic League) from 13th to 17th century. This alliance was based on sea trading so the harbor was and is the most important economic sector here. Reason enough to celebrate this 822year old institution.

    To perform my duties as an inhabitant of this Hanseatic town by choice I tried my very best to party as much as expected ;). To be honest it ‘s not possible to escape this festival if you are living 50m away from the main docking point of the harbor… As one of the highlights there is a ballet show performed by all tug boats as you can see on the picture.

    The ships demonstrate their power and agility in a very playful way. As a special service the first rows of the spectators get refreshments for free when these ships cruise by with only 1-2m distance ;).

    Another highlight was the fireworks for sure. Due to the fact that most of the people want to see this event we were a little bit worried about too crowded viewing spots. Luckily, a college called me to meet me on one of the big russian sailing boats. Cost me 3€ but the crew let only very view people on board which gave us the opportunity to see the fireworks in the very first row without anybody near by. My best investment in Hamburg so far ;).

    I hope you all enjoy life as well and Melissa I’m waiting for a meeting date :). Next adventure will be wedding of my two best friends and I’m the best man :O. So cross fingers for good weather, a very good party and that I’m not stultify them – making a fool of myself isn’t possible with my great charm, my awesome look, my outstanding intellect… and my modesty 🙂

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