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  • May 5th, 2011

    Planten un Blomen

    Hey world,

    visited last weekend one of the biggest parks here in Hamburg called Planten un Blomen. Name is not typical German it’s plattdütsch (low german) which is more or less similar to Swiss German either a very strong accent of even a proper language spoken here in north germany. OK OK German history lesson is over. Some words about me ;). Life is quite busy/complicated/amazing/annoying/gorgeous… at the moment => can’t complain but there is potential for better times *g*… Yes I’m never completely satisfied for longer times – life is boring if everything is perfect.

    Thinking of times I’m completely happy – THX for everybody attending my birthday party… It was a perfect evening even if I drop some bricks but who can be angry with the birthday boy ;). One situation I remember especially:

    Friend of mine: Everything all right?
    ME: When did you see me smile like this?
    Friend of mine: When you came back from Africa!

    And like in Africa it’s not only the area, the nice view or the parties, it’s the people making me smile every day. It was amazing that at least 90% party with me until AM 3:00 and 80% until the end some ähh hours later…
    To give this a little bit back one more photo. The point of view isn’t that common and it’s made with a very wide angle lense causing this skyscraper effect. In fact I was lying in the middle of this flower bed, some Indian  family next to me making a family picture, in one hand holding my cam in the other my flash with a wireless trigger, making a complete fool of myself but I hope it wasn’t for nothing…

    So maybe I can get some pictures showing this situation and maybe somebody make one picture during my birthday party??? Also a big birthday party for the Hamburg harbor is in front of my door at the WE. So another reason for a long party night here in St.Pauli!

    CU all here in Hamburg 😉 and I hope I can sleep know a little bit longer than 2 hours.


    2 Comments to “Planten un Blomen”

    1. May 6th, 2011

      Pingu Says :

      Could only guess wildly who that very particular ‘Friend of mine’ could have been 😉

    2. May 6th, 2011

      Dr_Flash Says :

      I’m not sure if you her… it’s not R.T.

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