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    September 25th, 2014

    Finally in Lhasa


    after a 46h train ride I’m finally in Lhasa :). Dream come true and I’m really looking forward for the next days. Hope my body will manage the hight. Until now everything is fine but my room in the 4th floor is definitely a challenge.


    My first picture of the palace 🙂

    April 16th, 2013

    FĂĽr den Hamburger Bingo-Club

    Anmeldung zum Bingo-Club ist nun aus terminlichen GrĂĽnden geschlossen.

    November 28th, 2010

    Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll

    Hui… this was an amazing Friday evening/night. The plan was totally harmless. 5 Airbus colleges and I would have one or two beer somewhere in St. Pauli. Starting with the number of person – out of 6 left only 3. 

    But let’s come to the more interesting Stories. As I mentioned in the headline the evening began with little doze of sex. Not the prostitutes were responsible for this – it was the Christmas Market. Like everything else in St. Pauli, also the X-Mas Market is a little bit different. Instead of wooden nativity manger, Christmas trees and mulled wine you can get wooden dildos, sexy underwear and a lot of mulled trees. Life sex shows and strippers may also not be missing. I’m not sure if this is the right place to get my Christmas presents but it’s a nice variety in contrast to the other ones.

    After checking this point we continued with drugs. Like I said before, to start an evening on St. Pauli you have to drink a Mexikaner. My favorit place for this is the bar “Lucky Star” on the Hamburger Berg. A few minutes after we arrived in this bar a Kiez Tour (A tourist Tour through St. Pauli) came in and ordered at least 30 “Ampeln” (Traffic lights). This consists of 3 shots, the green one taste like gummy bears, the yellow one like banana and the red one is a Mexikaner (Tomato, chili, pepper taste). Titten Sußy, the guide make a St. Pauli special toast:

    Zur Mitte (To the middle)
    Zur Titte (To the breast)
    Zum Sack (To the balls??)
    ZACK, ZACK! (…)

    And some of the people drank their shots. Problem  – not all of them. So we get a lot of invitations to drink them with the people. I think we had at least 10 each and predrinking was cheaply finished ;). After a few minutes we felt shot after shot getting in our blood stream. After a kebab we thought we would be strong enough for the next step.

    Irish Pub on one of the most famous sights next to the Reeperbahn. What do you think we found there? Come on think harder – it isn’t that hard… Yes a group of drunk Britts. I bet that at leat one of them would be in boxers into the next 60min. 10 min later we saw much more than only the boxers. What is it with you guys? Why love all British man to get naked. Matt my camera has still some evidences… So after a while there were enough naked guys on the table – time to change…

    Last point of our list – Rock’n’Roll. Good thing on the Reeperbahn – there is a bar playing each kind of music. First Mission one of my colleges has his birthday and only 10min to organize something. First Idea – ask the DJ for a birthday song… no success. Next trial – ask all the sexy girls on the dance floor… Succeed… DJ still not cooperative so we had to sing a little bit louder. BIG THX to all the unknown girls… Later they told me that most of them are together… so I organized the biggest lesbian choir ever ;). No not you Melissa I organized other lesbian *ggg*. Did I mentioned that a touched artificial tits of a guy to compare with natural ones. The lesbian girls were also interested and our conclusion was – close but still not the same…

    Think this was the most interesting things from Friday – Saturday was also very nice but would take too much time to mention this too. I was in bed at 6.30AM after visiting the fish market – couldn’t be that bad ;).

    So had the Sunday for relaxing – next week I will go to a concert, playing Santa Clause on our Airbus Christmas Party and I’m sure there will be much more.